Andreen R

I wanted to spend a few minutes of my time to let others going through infertility that there is hope and with the help of a care professional, the process can be easier. I have been trying for 5 years to conceive without any luck, I have been to two other specialist and was treated as an ATM, there was no compassion or caring to my needs. I was to the point where I decided to pray and leave everything to God and if it happens then I will be grateful. Having worked in Human Services for 5 years I know what it means to have compassion and Dr. McNichol really care about his patients. Today I had my first visit, which was difficult for me. he took him time to explain everything to me and my husband and we felt comfortable speaking to him. I have more hope in making this dream of being a mother a reality.

Wendy H

I had my first consult with Dr McNichol yesterday. He is a WONDERFUL man and you will all love him. He is very patient and talks in lay-mans terms -explained everything very well.

Wendy H. – Orlando, FL


Elizabeth H

Prior to switching to Dr. McNichol I would leave my doctors appointments crying, feeling hopeless that my dream to become a mother was never going to happen. Then on my first consult with Dr. McNichol he restored my hope and dreams.

He listening to everything I had to say, allowed me to ask my list of questions without feeling rushed, and genuinely seemed to care about me and what I had to say. As a result I am 17 weeks pregnant, I know I could not have done this without him.

I am so grateful for his knowledge, professional bedside manner, and treating me with respect. Infertility is scary and these appointments feel overwhelming, but he always reassured me and put my fears to ease while being honest. thank you.

Elizabeth H. – Orlando, FL

Melissa W

My husband and I met with Dr. McNichol after a not so great experience with a different fertility center and we knew immediately that Dr. McNichol and Fertilty Center of Orlando was the choice for us. I just wasn’t sure there were doctors like him left in the world.

If you’re looking for that doctor that doesn’t treat you like a number or shuffle you through his office like cattle then Dr. McNichol is the doctor for you.

I am now in the process of going through IVF and Dr. McNichol and his fantastic staff have made the experience very comfortable for me. His bedside manner and patient follow-up is amazing. He really is a doctor that cares.

Melissa W. – Orlando, FL

Melisa W

After being told in the past that I it would be difficult for me to spontaneously have a baby but a different fertility specialist, I wanted an answer. My Ob/Gyn referred me to Dr. McNichol for evaluation. I was very impressed that after sending an email to learn more about the clinic Dr. McNichol called me himself. After explaining to me his experience and background.

I decided it was worth a try. He meticulously explained the ABC’s of conception. I felt empowered. I had a better understanding of my body. The office staff Crystal and Dedria made me feel welcomed from the first visit.

Dr. McNichol also helped me with weight loss and after a loss of about 15lbs. I ironically spontaneously became pregnant. Dr. McNichols followed me closely and today I am 5 months pregnant with my first child. Though I did not have to have any fertility treatments. I honestly felt like his personalized care and the support I received from Crystal made a difference.

Melisa W. – Orlando, FL

Carmen B

Thank you Dr. McNichol for helping me get what I wanted, which was a baby. Before I met Dr. McNichol, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get pregnant , but he was able to make that possible. He worked miracles.

At my first attempt of IVF, I got pregnant thanks to him and I’m four weeks and a half. Most importantly, he didn’t give up on me. He dedicates his time to his patients. I also want to give thanks to Dedria and Crystal for always being there for me and being very supportive.

August 6, 2012

Carmen B. – Orlando, FL

Evelyn M

Today, we heard our 8 week old baby’s heartbeat, I don’t think we’ve ever heard a more beautiful sound. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. McNichol and his team, Deidre and Krystal, who walked us through the process, with a smile and an open heart, every step of the way.

We are so thankful that they were a part of our journey, and that combined with great care and compassion, we were successful, and now looking forward to the next 7 months. Life is good.

Evelyn M. – Orlando, FL

Lisa R

Hi I’m Lisa R age 42, Doctor Milton Mcnichol, in one day on my first visit, gave me my blood test order, ultra sound precriptions, Clomid precription and everything I needed to try to get pregnant this cycle. I was so pleased, and excited to get started on my fourth child. Thanks to Doctor Mcnichol. I will get my chance at being a mother again. Its amazing that he can help me.
Doctor Milton Mcnichol even called in my ovidrel precription 12:35a.m. on Friday night. during weekend trip with his family and he personally called me and gave me all of my blood tests results promply, and answered all of my questions and concerns over the phone.

Doctor Mcnichol is the greatest doctor, I have ever meet in my entire life. he truely cares about his patients. I hope to get pregnant this cycle.
Dont ever give up on your dreams of being a mother or father.

Dr. Mcnichol will do anything humanly possible to help your dreams come true.

Lisa R. – Orlando, FL

Carmen J

Today was my 1st visit with Dr. McNichols and boy was I impressed! He spent over an hour with me, speaking in simple terms, and most importantly, not judging, but instead being extremely compassionate and hopeful.

Crystal, his medical assistant has also being a breath of fresh air to deal with. She is always optimistic and takes her time with scheduling and answering questions.

Regardless of where this path takes us, I feel blessed to have found a rare gem of a physician and staff who actually cares about the well being of their patients. Excited about the possibilities.

Carmen J. – Orlando, FL

Sue C

I remember seeing Dr McNichol at the Dr Phillips Hospital (my work) cafeteria, we started talking about my infertility and right away I thought ” I want him to be my fertility doctor”! He had already made me feel so comfortable; I could tell he was caring and really wanted to help people that could not conceive. Then I met Crystal, she is simply amazing; she’s answers all my questions and always so helpful.
The ambience of the maitland office is beautiful, with soothing music, decorative paintings, warm colors and a flat screen tv. You NEVER feel like a number at the office, there’s never a large group of people in the waiting room at one time. They take the time to make you feel as though you’re the most important patient at all times.

Dr. McNichol sits with you in his office and inform you of results and describes what it all means. I love sitting in his office, I love the sailboat in there the view is beautiful!
Thanks D.r McNichol for everything and Crystal too!

August 30, 2012

Sue C. – Orlando