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Fertility Center
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The Fertility Center of Orlando is a boutique style fertility center with a one on one approach. This means that you will not be assigned a number, then shuffled in and out as quickly as possible. You will be seen by Dr. Milton McNichol at every visit, not a nurse or physician assistant.

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Beginning the journey

From your first consultation, during the diagnostic testing, and through the entire treatment process Dr. McNichol will be by your side as your resource, guide, physician, and personal cheerleader. He will meet with you at almost every appointment where his deep caring and concern for you will be readily apparent. Dr. McNichol’s compassion is one of his greatest strengths as a fertility specialist with his patients benefitting from the close consultation and truly personal care that is simply not available at the “big box style” fertility super centers.  

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Fertility Center of Orlando

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If you have been struggling with infertility and are ready to explore your treatment options in a caring, professional, and supportive environment, contact Fertility Center of Orlando at (407) 345-9006 to arrange a consultation or schedule an appointment

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